dreams do come true.

Yesterday, Wh0opsydaisies and I attended Manila’s local comicon – Renaissance. True to geek form, we were like headless chickens looking, chasing and gasping at the artists and their art work. We almost bought everything that everyone offered. Of course our wallets had their limits (I hope the next comicon falls on a payday or pay-weekend)

The event was also held for the benefit of Arlan Esmena, a komikero who passed away last week. He drew the book ‘Where Bold Stars Go to Die’. It’s a good book with throwback art and a very interesting read.

Aside from the charity wing of the comicon, highlights included the pilot book Renaissance – a folio of pinoy artists, book  signing, drawing, comics tiangge (as wh0opsy coined), and basically walking amongst the Gods of the Pinoy comic scene.

When my adrenaline died down and with our loot clutched at my sweaty geek hands, I took a long look at the haul. And realized that it was more than the books that made me happy at the comicon. But it was the reality that dreams, their dreams came true. I then remembered a boy reading his neighbor’s Jim Lee drawn X-men # 1 and promised to himself that one day he will write and draw his own book. To be honest, after some years, that boy gave up on his dreams. Soon as school took over and then work did, the dream remained a figment of an office worker’s imagination.

I thank the komikeros (and whoopsy too!:D ) for showing that dreams do come true.

Here are some of the komikero websites:

Leinil Yu: http://www.leinilyu.deviantart.com/

Paolo fabregas: http://www.pfab.deviantart.com

Budjette Tan: http://www.budjette.deviantart.com (thanks for showing that one can write comics in between JOs and productions)

Gerry Alanguilan: http://www.gerry.alanguilan.com

and check out Johnny Zamar too http://www.minsan.deviantart.com


1 Response to “dreams do come true.”

  1. February 23, 2010 at 2:03 am

    This is so inspiring. 🙂
    Kaya mo naman talaga eh 😀

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