Wolverine problems. This is what this entry is all about. Starting May, Wolverine will be popping his claws in more than three titles across the Marvel Universe. Yep more than three. He’ll be in Avengers, “New” Avengers, X-Force, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Howard the Duck, Garfield and Friends, Justice League, South Park, Gem and the Holograms, etc (ok I went overboard with a few titles over there.)

I know the dude is famous and a sure seller but how can you possibly be in like five places at the same time? If he can be effective in every outing, he’s Marvel’s fr*kin’ employee of the year. I think the only way he can join Avengers is if he leaves X-Men. Or there are Weapon-X clones.

So instead of having him in every Avenger book why not have one of these two guys:

See! They’re also cool to look at. Iron Fist would be a good fit in the New Avengers team and Daredevil is a unique addition to the Avengers title.

Anyway, you can’t deny a business its trump card…but I also believe that you need to develop new ones as well.

On another note, I just read Invincible Iron Man # 24. And the pace is picking up. It’s cool how Matt Fraction has used the former sorcerer supreme and Ghost makes for a good flawed character. It took a while before we got out of Tony’s comma but I am thinking, with the new armor, it’s worth it. Larocca’s art still continues to impress.

Hmmmm I wonder when will Wolverine appear in a Disney movie…


1 Response to “Snikt!”

  1. March 9, 2010 at 1:46 am

    MAHAHAHAHAAAA! A singing wolverine!
    Also, sana mabasa ko na rin ang IronMan. BLEH!

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