There’s a new psycho in town

They gave him a 6 at IGN. Even though he gave them X number of dead bodies in one book.

Meet Nemesis. Millar’s latest psycho after Wanted and Kick-ass.

Critics are comparing the book to a typical Michael Bay film. They say it uses explosions and deaths to cover up for its lack of story. But just like any Bay film, I think the purpose of the book is to entertain and not change the status quo. And if we view Nemesis in that light, it did entertain and it did intrigue. I am excited to see if the top cop is going to die or is he’s going to beat the crazy guy in white. I ‘d like to find out what’s Nemesis reasons are. (maybe this is just me)


I also got my New Avengers last night. Bendis was on cue with his ‘Lost’-like approach to story telling. He basically laid the back story of Luke Cage-Jessica Jones and Hawkeye-Mockingbird before the Siege battle took place. It was a good way to seed plots for life after Siege.

Mike McKone’s art was just fine. I missed Stuart Immonen’s touch though. The book makes for a good Siege tie-in.


And also, Green Lantern # 52 is out this week. Go pick it up. It’s Geoff John’s perfect set-up for Blackest Night # 8. This book is so good it makes me want to say Marvel -1, DC – 1. Ha! (hold it Siege # 3 is kick-ass too)


It’s a great time to be a comic book geek 😀


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