Now, that was a weekend.

3 day weekend


3 hours of portrait class


3 hours of oil pastel landscape class


2 hours of kick ass Ironman 2 action


5 hours of chill at home


8  hours of worth-it-OT-work


1 Whoopsy =

1 awesome weekend!


(Since I am incoherent today I will write in a ‘list’ manner.)

Some Ironman 2 thoughts:

• I love the dialogue and the speaking scenes.

• Riveting action every time a fight scene is on.

• Micky Rourke did a great job.

• RDJ was RDJ, and that’s good.

• Cheadle was ok, but I think Terrence Howard looks more of a soldier.

• The Avengers Initiative folder sent chills up my spine.

• ScarJo sent similar chills up my spine too. 😛

• The body poisoning angle was a believable way to introduce the wayward-by-alcohol Stark.

• Everybody turned geek for at least one weekend.

• Pepper Potts aged a bit.

• It was a fun entertaining move, no major qualms.

••• And do stay for the special video at the end. 😉


I collect close to eight comic books a month. And here’s to trying to justify the almost a thousand pesos per month. I’ll do it this way…I’ll write “I read (insert book title) because…” then I’ll list my self-serving reasons. And here we go!

I read Invincible Ironman because…

• Stark is flawed.

• Deep inside I want to believe that a suit like that already exists in Japan.

• Matt Fraction is a very good writer.

• Larocca’s rendition of Ironman is cool!

• I dig the new armor.

• And because I want to see how Stark will pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

I read Captain America because…

• Buck Buchanan is Captain America, and I believe that sidekicks can surpass their teachers one day. (Much like Dick becoming Batman)

• It takes on current American ideology issues.

• Ed Brubaker is the man.

I will read Avengers because…

• I think Noh-Varr and his antics will be in the book.

• I am interested with John Romita’s work.

• Wolverine isn’t there.

• Bendis is writing  this.

I will read New Avengers because…

• Iron Fist might be there.

• Spiderman and Ms. Marvel sitting on a tree….

• Stuart Immonen’s hand is God’s gift to geeks.

• Doc Strange might be there too.

• Bendis is writing this. I think he can write his story on a tissue paper and I’ll still buy it.

I will read Secret Avengers because…

• Of Steve fuckin’ Rogers.

• War Machine’s guns.

• Nova is back on Earth.

• Mike Deodato is another gift from above.

I read Nemesis because…

• Mark Millar and Steve Mckniven is working on it.

• It’s clearly a what-if Batman was evil.

I read Daredevil because…

• He ain’t handicapped. He’s uberly abled.

• He a ninja now!

• Diggly’s stories read like a novel.

• It leads to Shadowland.

Rambling done for now 😀

Make mine Marvel!

• Can I say Brubaker is the man again?


3 Responses to “Now, that was a weekend.”

  1. 1 Whoopsy
    May 4, 2010 at 10:07 am

    TEEHEE I’m part of the equation 😀
    Agree to all your IronMan 2 points (especially the Scarjo part 😉
    The justifications are well-made, and you have me convinced. I think I should create a similar list. :p

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