When the Clock Strikes Twelve

(Book of the Week)

When the clock strikes twelve…the magic ends. Or does it?

this aint your grannys nanny.

If your idea of Cinderella is the one by Walt Disney, you’ve got another chic coming.

after 12, her party is just getting started

Meet Cinderella, inter-realm spy of mystery.

Now, enough of the foolery and on to the review of…

Cinderella Fables Are Forever # 3

Fables are indeed forever. The idea of using fable characters in contemporary issues, setting and storytelling is not that new. One can even say, that Neil Gaiman has mastery over this realm of writing. But despite that, the idea of Cinderella as a super-spy is still quite intriguing. A fresh perspective and new wonder to revel in.

Three books in to this mini-series, Chris Roberson has the readers on the edge of their seats on what happens next to Cinderella and her nemesis, she-who-will-not-be-named-in-this-blog-to-avoid-spoilers. Book three builds on the momentum of flash backs set in motion by the second installment.

This is a series worth picking up. The storytelling is superb and the art matches the concept of fables set in contemporary background.

It is then awarded 4.5 dorks out of 5 dorks!

*Cinderella Fables are Forever is also a great foray for people looking for less commercialized comic books. It’s not on the indie field but it’s detached in a good way.


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