Unclaimed Comicbooks

My comicbooks for the week are still in Planet X’s bin. As far as I can remember, it is only now that I’ve allowed my comicbooks stash to last outside of my hands this long.

I had a sunny good reason not to pick them up.

Last week, I went to the island of Boracay for the annual Young Kidlat Competition. And just like two summers ago it was sand, water, cool breeze and advertising all over. The talks were ok but the actual competition was tough. But in the end, together with my partner, we pushed through and finished 3rd overall in a field of 26 teams. Not bad I might say after not placing in the past two years.

I also met a new friend when my officemate and I visited the back beach of Boracay.

Meet Marshall, the swimming dog!

He loves running to the open sea and swim. And he loves playing with his other buddies Champ the boxer and Spice the choco labrador (no pics of them though, they were too playful for my camera to catch).

It was a great 5-day break from work. And I even have memories of a new dog buddy and competition win to take home.

It was almost perfect except for one thing – Whoopsydaisies/Bubbletoes! 😀

And maybe perhaps some comicbooks 😛



Thor is a good movie. Chris Hemworth made good in his first shot at a leading role. And the story was nice and well paced. Critics are bashing it for not being the Dark Knight like in darkness. But hey I sat there with Whoopsy, laughed, cheered and was thrilled at every canto of the movie. Go out and watch the movie.


1 Response to “Unclaimed Comicbooks”

  1. May 11, 2011 at 5:24 am

    Wee! Congrats Dorkour!
    I am very proud of you 😀 After all your hardwork and passion, you definitely deserve this win 🙂

    Also, I want a doggy just like that pretty please ❤

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