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Secret Avengers Revealed

This week Marvel unveiled two of 2010 Eisner nominee Ed Brubaker’s Secret Avengers.

One of them is Beast.

I think he finally got sick of Scott Summer’s way of running the show. A sabbatical with the Avengers might do him good. Besides this secret team won’t be having Tony Stark’s smarts so Mrs. McCoy’s baby will come in handy. How do I know Tony’s not in this team? Well the armored enforcer in this unit is this guy:

Yep War Machine is in.

I wonder when they plan to reveal the other members.


Wishlist for the Secret Avengers team:

1. Nick Fury

2. Dr. Strange

3. Iron Fist

4. Scarlett Witch

5. Vance Astrovik

6. Marvel Boy (Noh Varr)

7. Gauntlet


There’s a new psycho in town

They gave him a 6 at IGN. Even though he gave them X number of dead bodies in one book.

Meet Nemesis. Millar’s latest psycho after Wanted and Kick-ass.

Critics are comparing the book to a typical Michael Bay film. They say it uses explosions and deaths to cover up for its lack of story. But just like any Bay film, I think the purpose of the book is to entertain and not change the status quo. And if we view Nemesis in that light, it did entertain and it did intrigue. I am excited to see if the top cop is going to die or is he’s going to beat the crazy guy in white. I ‘d like to find out what’s Nemesis reasons are. (maybe this is just me)


I also got my New Avengers last night. Bendis was on cue with his ‘Lost’-like approach to story telling. He basically laid the back story of Luke Cage-Jessica Jones and Hawkeye-Mockingbird before the Siege battle took place. It was a good way to seed plots for life after Siege.

Mike McKone’s art was just fine. I missed Stuart Immonen’s touch though. The book makes for a good Siege tie-in.


And also, Green Lantern # 52 is out this week. Go pick it up. It’s Geoff John’s perfect set-up for Blackest Night # 8. This book is so good it makes me want to say Marvel -1, DC – 1. Ha! (hold it Siege # 3 is kick-ass too)


It’s a great time to be a comic book geek 😀


It doesn’t feel so new

A third Avenger title? I’m scared that Bendis might be spreading himself too thin. But what the heck he’s done it before… so why not?

here you go! The New Avenger first teaser!

Boy does Bendis love Luke Cage…hehe…Stuart Immonen will take care of the art chores by the way.


And here are more ‘new’ members:


Luke Cage’s wife joins the act. Welcome jessica jones!

It seems like this Avenger team is composed of street dudes peeps. The types who would get down and dirty with crime. I am wondering how they are going to differentiate each title. From what I heard they’re coming up with Avengers Academy. Hmmmmmm….

But ‘Bendis + Immonen = buy this book’ still holds true.

Dang! There goes my budget.


Ssssshhhh I’m a Secret Avenger

This just in! Marvel is releasing a Secret Avenger title to be written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Mike Deodato. This came as a surprise after news got out that Marvel is streamlining Avengers. A pleasant surprise though 🙂

Now who do you think this is?

It’s either Black Panther, Spiderman, or Venom (the evil one).

Black Panther has been an Avenger before so why not? The same goes for Spiderman. And for Venom, maybe it’s a twist where Osborne battles Bendis’ Avengers with his Thunderbolts-type of Avenger.

Just thinking out loud.


They are the Avengers!

Marvel is one by one introducing the new Avengers line-up.

And it is looking good!!!!

Meet Capt. ‘Bucky’

Spider Woman

Hawkeye (yep Clint’s no longer a ninja)

Iron Man (great caption here)

Thor (finally a true heavy hitter)

But who’s next? And who will lead the team?

Will it be Bucky? Hawkeye? Will shell head get another chance? Steve Rogers? Will Sentry be forgiven? Will Hank Pym join?

I don’t know!

What I know is that the Avengers are here for the new Heroic Age.

And thank God that Wolverine is not part of the team (at least for now).

I am really looking forward to the Bendis-Romita post Siege run.\m/

*On a side note, it would be cooler if they posted it as teasers. Revealing characters one by one and ending with the line ‘Am I an Avenger?’ But that’s just me 😛


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