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Storm Shadow Fail

Free day to paint! But failed! Ha ha!

Version 1

Here is Version 2

Should’ve skipped the ink on the second one 😀 Will do that next time 😀




DC 52: Justice League Review

Super heroes band together to fight menacing threats. But for DC’s rebooted universe’s Justice League, they come together to fight bad economy – the steady decline of comic book sales. In order to curb this downtrend, DC rebooted the continuity for the nth time to attract new readers. 52 comic books were reset so that new readers can catch up. The banner title of the set, Justice League, was the first to come hot off the press.

The book boasts of Green Lantern master storyteller, Geoff Johns and 90’s wonder talent, Jim Lee. The team of creators in itself is an intriguing entry point for avid fans. Johns brings to the table an evolved comic book story telling style while Jim Lee harkens to the awesomeness of bursting muscles and bust lines of the 90s.

The way Justice League book 1 rolls out is an intriguing choice for launching the entire DC Universe Reboot. It features a flashback that shows some of the League’s major characters and one, Cyborg, seemingly coming out of the woodworks. And immediately, you’ll get a feel that this Justice League is not the team of the yesteryears. The heroes are not fully embraced as shown in how Batman and Green Lantern got acquainted. Their mini-adventure leads to the duo in Metropolis and encounters the inevitable – Superman.

Justice League book 1 is a topsy-turvy ride. It had its moments and then some. It’s written in an open way that it can divide readers. Some might find it intriguing that there are a lot of openings for future opportunities. Some might find it lacking for not having that sense of purpose in the plot. Despite it being only the first book, one might find it hard to grasp why is there a need for a collage of super powered beings. The threat of Dark Seid is an instant hook for old readers. But it’s hardly any cause of concern for new ones. It still doesn’t have the singular message that Marvel’s Avengers hold on to – When one hero cannot defeat a greater menace, they assemble. Geoff Johns missed out on the opportunity to seed a Justice League credo. Here’s to thinking that there is a greater purpose to that but this is your first book, open with a bang.

A good point of the book is the inclusion of Cyborg. He’s never been on a Justice League team before. And in a poetic way, he represents the new readers. Perhaps he is part of the team to help give readers the affinity to keep them hooked.

The first book is a fun start. But it needs to show seeds of piquing the human interest to bring in the new readers. This is what Marvel does best. Using their movies, they strike a chord in the people’s emotion. Thus bringing the characters closer to heart and making them relevant. Just look back at the loveable renegade in Thor, the pure hearted man-out-of-his-element Captain America, and the flawed Tony Stark. They are humans first, then beings with above human capabilities next.

The artwork is a blast from the past. Jim Lee’s art never held back on details. And that is quite obvious in Justice League. To a fault sometimes. The awkward paneling and excessive lines is like Chris Bachalo’s Steam Punk days. Impressive. But it doesn’t aid the storytelling.

Birthing pains are as constant as reboots. DC knows this the best. The first book has its flaws but it doesn’t mean it’s not a fun read. And if there’s one writer who can turn things around, it’s Geoff Johns. Justice League might have taken off with a shaky start but never discount its true worth – the first book of a potentially good series.

DC’s fight for relevance has just begun and it’s going to be a long battle. That in itself is a worthy plot to follow.


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Unclaimed Comicbooks

My comicbooks for the week are still in Planet X’s bin. As far as I can remember, it is only now that I’ve allowed my comicbooks stash to last outside of my hands this long.

I had a sunny good reason not to pick them up.

Last week, I went to the island of Boracay for the annual Young Kidlat Competition. And just like two summers ago it was sand, water, cool breeze and advertising all over. The talks were ok but the actual competition was tough. But in the end, together with my partner, we pushed through and finished 3rd overall in a field of 26 teams. Not bad I might say after not placing in the past two years.

I also met a new friend when my officemate and I visited the back beach of Boracay.

Meet Marshall, the swimming dog!

He loves running to the open sea and swim. And he loves playing with his other buddies Champ the boxer and Spice the choco labrador (no pics of them though, they were too playful for my camera to catch).

It was a great 5-day break from work. And I even have memories of a new dog buddy and competition win to take home.

It was almost perfect except for one thing – Whoopsydaisies/Bubbletoes! 😀

And maybe perhaps some comicbooks 😛



Thor is a good movie. Chris Hemworth made good in his first shot at a leading role. And the story was nice and well paced. Critics are bashing it for not being the Dark Knight like in darkness. But hey I sat there with Whoopsy, laughed, cheered and was thrilled at every canto of the movie. Go out and watch the movie.


The Answer

What causes optimism?

What fuels perseverance?

What orchestrates madness?

Love of course. May you find it. Like I did.




Ladies and gentlemen, my first painting!

I used watercolor for the background and oil pastel for the God of Thunder.

That’s it! I thank you!


If you sleep a lot during the afternoons, then you should see this


Bendis + Romita JR FTW

Ladies and gentlegeeks, I present to you the Avengers of the Heroic Age.

Thank you Bendis and Romita JR.

I will shut up now so that people can appreciate the line up better.


Yay Ironfist! 😀 hehe 😀

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the preview. 🙂


The Dark Reign’s End

This week marks the end of Osborne’s dark reign as the Siege # 4 is set for release Thursday.

The dark reign concludes in Siege # 4, Avengers Finale, Fallen, and Dark Avengers # 16.

Dark reign’s premise, many would say, has been done before. But the reason why this particular ‘re-take’ on this angle appealed to me is because it showcased great heroes with their backs against the wall.

Dark reign posed a great challenge to Marvel U heroes. It’s not about beating a 60-foot giant or stopping an alien horde. It’s about them trying to save people who don’t want to be saved by them. It’s about getting flak for not reporting to their villain-rival who is now in power.

Dark reign was an everyday threat to them. By merely wearing a mask, heroes have put their integrity on the line.

It may be ironic that I like heroes who are more human than heroes (heroes are meant to be above us). But it’s all because it makes it easy for me to relate to them. Easy for me to be inspired that I can do some kick-ass goodness too. Easy for others to hope that they are more than they think they are.


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