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Paint like lightning!

Here’s a new painting. Juggernaut, Ghost and Man-thing.

I used water color here.




Ladies and gentlemen, my first painting!

I used watercolor for the background and oil pastel for the God of Thunder.

That’s it! I thank you!


If you sleep a lot during the afternoons, then you should see this


Bendis + Romita JR FTW

Ladies and gentlegeeks, I present to you the Avengers of the Heroic Age.

Thank you Bendis and Romita JR.

I will shut up now so that people can appreciate the line up better.


Yay Ironfist! πŸ˜€ hehe πŸ˜€

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the preview. πŸ™‚


The Dark Reign’s End

This week marks the end of Osborne’s dark reign as the Siege # 4 is set for release Thursday.

The dark reign concludes in Siege # 4, Avengers Finale, Fallen, and Dark Avengers # 16.

Dark reign’s premise, many would say, has been done before. But the reason why this particular ‘re-take’ on this angle appealed to me is because it showcased great heroes with their backs against the wall.

Dark reign posed a great challenge to Marvel U heroes. It’s not about beating a 60-foot giant or stopping an alien horde. It’s about them trying to save people who don’t want to be saved by them. It’s about getting flak for not reporting to their villain-rival who is now in power.

Dark reign was an everyday threat to them. By merely wearing a mask, heroes have put their integrity on the line.

It may be ironic that I like heroes who are more human than heroes (heroes are meant to be above us). But it’s all because it makes it easy for me to relate to them. Easy for me to be inspired that I can do some kick-ass goodness too. Easy for others to hope that they are more than they think they are.


Now, that was a weekend.

3 day weekend


3 hours of portrait class


3 hours of oil pastel landscape class


2 hours of kick ass Ironman 2 action


5 hours of chill at home


8Β  hours of worth-it-OT-work


1 Whoopsy =

1 awesome weekend!


(Since I am incoherent today I will write in a ‘list’ manner.)

Some Ironman 2 thoughts:

β€’ I love the dialogue and the speaking scenes.

β€’ Riveting action every time a fight scene is on.

β€’ Micky Rourke did a great job.

β€’ RDJ was RDJ, and that’s good.

β€’ Cheadle was ok, but I think Terrence Howard looks more of a soldier.

β€’ The Avengers Initiative folder sent chills up my spine.

β€’ ScarJo sent similar chills up my spine too. πŸ˜›

β€’ The body poisoning angle was a believable way to introduce the wayward-by-alcohol Stark.

β€’ Everybody turned geek for at least one weekend.

β€’ Pepper Potts aged a bit.

β€’ It was a fun entertaining move, no major qualms.

β€’β€’β€’ And do stay for the special video at the end. πŸ˜‰


I collect close to eight comic books a month. And here’s to trying to justify the almost a thousand pesos per month. I’ll do it this way…I’ll write “I read (insert book title) because…” then I’ll list my self-serving reasons. And here we go!

I read Invincible Ironman because…

β€’ Stark is flawed.

β€’ Deep inside I want to believe that a suit like that already exists in Japan.

β€’ Matt Fraction is a very good writer.

β€’ Larocca’s rendition of Ironman is cool!

β€’ I dig the new armor.

β€’ And because I want to see how Stark will pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

I read Captain America because…

β€’ Buck Buchanan is Captain America, and I believe that sidekicks can surpass their teachers one day. (Much like Dick becoming Batman)

β€’ It takes on current American ideology issues.

β€’ Ed Brubaker is the man.

I will read Avengers because…

β€’ I think Noh-Varr and his antics will be in the book.

β€’ I am interested with John Romita’s work.

β€’ Wolverine isn’t there.

β€’ Bendis is writingΒ  this.

I will read New Avengers because…

β€’ Iron Fist might be there.

β€’ Spiderman and Ms. Marvel sitting on a tree….

β€’ Stuart Immonen’s hand is God’s gift to geeks.

β€’ Doc Strange might be there too.

β€’ Bendis is writing this. I think he can write his story on a tissue paper and I’ll still buy it.

I will read Secret Avengers because…

β€’ Of Steve fuckin’ Rogers.

β€’ War Machine’s guns.

β€’ Nova is back on Earth.

β€’ Mike Deodato is another gift from above.

I read Nemesis because…

β€’ Mark Millar and Steve Mckniven is working on it.

β€’ It’s clearly a what-if Batman was evil.

I read Daredevil because…

β€’ He ain’t handicapped. He’s uberly abled.

β€’ He a ninja now!

β€’ Diggly’s stories read like a novel.

β€’ It leads to Shadowland.

Rambling done for now πŸ˜€

Make mine Marvel!

β€’ Can I say Brubaker is the man again?


Where was i…

ah! Here:




and here

πŸ™‚ I think the place is called…Boracay? You know? Powdery white sand? Clear blue water? Great food? πŸ˜›

Ok, I’ll stop showing off πŸ˜›

I was there for the Young Kidlat Event. It’s a showcase of cool Filipino ads. Learned a lot over there and even competed for a slot to go to either Cannes Festival or Adfest in Thailand. We didn’t win though. πŸ˜›

But I still had fun. And that’s cool.


If you haven’t gone to Boracay, give it a shot. It’s a fun place to take your mind off things.


Secret Avengers Revealed

This week Marvel unveiled two of 2010 Eisner nominee Ed Brubaker’s Secret Avengers.

One of them is Beast.

I think he finally got sick of Scott Summer’s way of running the show. A sabbatical with the Avengers might do him good. Besides this secret team won’t be having Tony Stark’s smarts so Mrs. McCoy’s baby will come in handy. How do I know Tony’s not in this team? Well the armored enforcer in this unit is this guy:

Yep War Machine is in.

I wonder when they plan to reveal the other members.


Wishlist for the Secret Avengers team:

1. Nick Fury

2. Dr. Strange

3. Iron Fist

4. Scarlett Witch

5. Vance Astrovik

6. Marvel Boy (Noh Varr)

7. Gauntlet


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